Tom Arnfeld


Gather&Fold 2012

Gather&Fold is an online design journal running on a referral system between creatives of all disciplines. I was hired to build a CMS backed site with a smooth three pane layout.

  • OOP PHP/MySQL CMS Back-end
  • HTML, CSS3, JS Front-end
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Yummygum 2010-2012

I was hired to bring the brand new Yummygum portfolio website to life with various javascript and css animations, including parallax scroll effects. I was also previously hired to work on various other back-end projects.

  • HTML, CSS3, JS Front-end
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twtmore 2010-2012

If you need to post a tweet over Twitters' 140 character limit, twtmore is the answer! A project that started off small over two years ago has now grown to over 250,000 users and is fast approaching over 20 million tweets posted.

  • OOP PHP/MySQL Front end webapp and public API
  • Scaling to over 1 million tweets a week
  • Maintaining multiple back-end and front-end servers
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Store Hours UK for iPhone

Store Hours UK 2011

Store Hours is a new, unique iPhone app that allows you to locate nearby stores to find out their opening times. I started the app early 2010 and have since worked hard to release two major versions on the App Store.

  • Objective-C iPhone Development
  • OOP PHP/MySQL Back-end API
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DNTH 2011

I built a Tumbr theme for Leonard Schwarz's blog, it supports all post types and uses completely valid HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

  • Tumblr theme development
  • HTML, CSS3, JS Front-end
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Cupcases - Freshly baked iPhone and iPad Cases

Cupcases 2011

I was hired by Cupcases to turn their one page HTML mockup and PSD into a fully operational Shopify theme complete with a drag-and-drop shopping cart.

  • Shopify theme development
  • HTML, CSS3, JS Front-end
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Taptivate & Postman App

Taptivate 2010

I was hired by Taptivate to build an image upload back-end for the popular iPhone app, Postman App and to migrate their existing assets into Amazon S3. I was also hired to build a tool for running Twitter "Tweet this to enter..." marketing campaigns.

  • PHP/MySQL Back-end API & Development
  • API Integration Amazon S3 & Twitter API
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Other projects

Birdhouse for iPhone

As of early 2012 @wsttn and I took over the development and day-to-day running of an awesome popular iPhone app, Birdhouse.



I have a few open sourced projects / libraries hosted on my GitHub, as well as contributing to a couple open source projects.

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Hi there!

I'm Tom Arnfeld, an 18 year old developer currently living in Colchester, Essex. I'm a full time Software Engineer at Duedil Ltd, working on an awesome web-app for looking up data about companies in the UK and Ireland.

I'm passionate about building apps and websites of the highest quality, and that offer the user the best possible experience.

Fancy a chat? Feel free to drop me an email to tarnfeld [at] me [dot] com or grab me on Twitter @tarnfeld.